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Hamburg – A model city for digital mobility

In the future, mobility will become safer, more efficient, more comfortable and climate-neutral for everyone in Hamburg – in both the city centre and in outlying areas. The city’s stated goals with regard to the mobility transition are:

  • Phasing out private vehicles in favour of climate-neutral ecomobility
  • Meeting the increasing demand for mobility while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions
  • Improving the flow of traffic and reducing land consumption
  • Increasing the safety and reliability of the transport system

This requires in particular the digitalisation, automation and electrification of the existing traffic infrastructure and mobility systems.

In response to this, Hamburg is developing a new interconnected digital mobility system that will further advance the mobility transition in the metropolitan region. Hamburg wants to become a model city for the digital mobility of the future.

The purpose of NMS New Mobility Solutions Hamburg GmbH is to support the City of Hamburg in implementing a sustainable traffic and mobility transition. Its focus is on the stabilisation, initiation, development and implementation of digital solutions that are climate-friendly, city-friendly, innovative and user-centred. The goal is to drive forward not only the traffic and mobility sector but also the cross-organisational digital transformation of urban associations. A further practical task is to gather specialised formats from all areas of mobility worldwide and to establish them in Hamburg.

Portfolio Management

Ongoing strategic portfolio management will continually promote and improve all urban projects related to digital mobility. Our portfolio management services include overall programme management, moderation and monitoringof the ITS strategy, digital strategy, and additional administrative strategies on the transformation path towards a mobility transition. Our cross-sectoral cooperation with Hamburg’s participating authorities, public and state companies, city (industrial) partners and academic institutions, as well as our national and international network, promote the digital transformation of the traffic and mobility sector.

In addition, we organise and prepare cross-institutional and multi-agency meetings to continue developing the ITS strategy. We organise and moderate management and working groups as well as deep-dive workshops on specialised questions. Collaboration with industrial and commercial enterprises will be accompanied by the monitoring of individual MoU topics.

Subsidy and project management

The focus of New Mobility Solutions is on the digitalisation of urban traffic systems across all the parties involved. The team thus provides support with the launch of a project, and collaborates on the implementation of strategically relevant projects with municipal and scientific participants as well as private solution providers.

Innovative projects with a high degree of technological maturity not only deliver insights that assist with practical implementation; they also strengthen Hamburg’s important position as a real-world laboratory for future mobility. “LogiSmile” and “Decarbomile” are two projects that are currently underway, and additional major projects are in the starting blocks in the Hanseatic City.

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LogiSmile at a glance

  • Integrated delivery system with small robotic vehicles
  • Last mile delivery robots (autonomous delivery devices or ADDs) for the shipment of goods
  • Autonomous hub vehicle (AHV) for the ongoing transport and protection of the ADD
  • Goal: intelligent usage of urban spaces through cleverly placed mobile hubs

Decarbomile at a glance

  • Cooperation with Deutsche Post DHL
  • Project starting in September 2022
  • Deployment by ship: water-bound “last mile” in parcel delivery
  • Goal: experimentation with all possible uses in realistic test operations (transport unit and floating microhub)

Communication and events

Do good and talk about mobility’s firm establishment in the City of Hamburg – in relevant formats from all areas of mobility. This will allow New Mobility Solutionsexpertise to win new participants for the city and to continue to  network projects. The following events are already in the starting blocks and are being organised by the company:


ITS Dialogue Forum

New Mobility Solutions is also responsible for the ITS Dialogue Forum. The event is designed to provide information to Hamburg’s ITS community through thematic
keynote speeches on current trends, and offers participants an opportunity to network with other members of this specialised audience.


4. July 2022

New company supports the digital mobility transition

A skills hub for the digital mobility transition: Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HOCHBAHN) is merging all existing partnerships and networks involved in the digital transformation of the traffic and mobility sector into a new company, NMS New Mobility Solutions GmbH (New Mobility Solutions), which was established on 1 July 2022.

Nadine SchmidtTeam Assistant
Maximilian KampTechnical Project Manager
Maria MittermayerSenior Project Manager Communication & Events
Malte AuerManaging Director
Tim KnutzenProject Manager
Lisa HeybrockProject Manager Partnerships and Sales UITP
Carl SchwengerWorking student
Ulrike BartosTeam lead Communication & Events
Dr. Johannes LauerTeam lead Portfolio Management
Amelie WankeProject Manager UITP
Benny EisenbeissProject Assistant UITP
Stephanie SchwederPortfolio Manager
Michael NitscheSenior Manager Controlling
Nele LührsProject Manager Communication & Events
Herbert HartungProject Manager
Esther RiedemannWorking student
Harry EversManaging Director
Kristina HesseMaternity leave
Tobias BrzoskowskiDirector

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